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As well as providing the ideal solution for dividing up a busy work space, acoustic partitioning is a practical way of tackling issues of noise.

Acoustic Partitions

Background noise can cause stress, reduce productivity and make the workplace a less than pleasant environment.  Noise can be a real problem in eating areas and can make all the difference to customer enjoyment and retention in restaurants and cafes.  

Partition assembly and placement is easy, you can change your layout as and when required and they are light enough to be movable with one or two people. In short, it provides a great solution without the expense of remodeling an entire space. 

When looking to create a temporary space for a meeting or seminar extendable, portable acoustic partitions come into their own, especially in the new modern warehouse style facilities that many modern businesses prefer.

Placement is key to effectiveness and because these are semi-permanent structures you can create the modules you need and retain the flexibility of being able to move them at a later date according to your needs.

In order to absorb noise the manufacture of these specialised partitions involves using acoustic foam around a core structure.  However, on the outside they can look however you want them to.

By using a variety of colours and materials you can be used to create a unique look and feel to the workplace.  Once the partitions have been located you can sit back and enjoy the ambience and the noise reduction, knowing that as your business changes so can your office space.

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