Fire Rated Partitioning Birmingham

Fire rated partitions are used internally to provide fire separation. This is a key safety feature and as such is subject to high European safety standards. 

Fire Rated Partitions

Fire rated partitions are designed to stop the spread of fire and keep it within the area of origin for a specific period of time.  The partition must pass extensive tests involving temperature, pressure and intended use. These tests are also based on how well the partition performs in various conditions in order to predict how well a partition will respond under certain circumstances.  The level of fire retardation is usually dependent on use and is always specified in building regulations.

Construction and materials used will vary according to where the partition is used, the finish required and the relevant regulations.  For example, a partition being used in an office space may have a completely different specification than that used in a warehouse storing flammable materials.

Many fire rated partitions consist of several sheets which conceal a framework of metal or wood which acts as their support.  In some cases fixture methods may be used that remove the necessity for an internal frame.

Although timber framing can often raise the issue of fire safety not only do these types of fire rate partition meet incredibly high safety standards, they have also been used for many years, proving their safety record in real life situations.  Timber remains a great choice because it retains its structural integrity well and has a char rate of less than 40mm/hour. Additions to the timber frame, such as stone wool, can be carried out for partitions destined to be used in higher risk areas where building regulations have identified a need for extra fire suppression. 

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