Metal Stud Partitioning Birmingham

Metal stud partitioning is useful for wall partitions and wall linings and are often more economical than timber frames.

Metal Stud Partitions

The partitions are non-load bearing and consist of a metal frame to which the partition is fixed.  The petition itself is usually made of plasterboard or similar materials. Once in place these can be customised according to your need.  

During construction insulation materials are used in order to manage temperature and noise within the business environment.  Metal stud partitioning lends itself particularly well to building partition walls and has a number of advantages including cost.

This style of partition can be used for a permanent solution to space problems, for example, by creating another room, but equally can be taken down later should the need arise.  If there are issues with damp, humidity and mould this type of partition is highly suitable and they also provide excellent fire resistance. Metal stud partitioning is great for walls, but can also be used to create ceilings – useful in areas where raised ceilings produce heating issues.

Planning the installation well reduces the risk of damage to the existing structures when fitting the partition and allows for ensuring that the partition can be removed easily later without the need (and cost) of extensive repairs.  If installing a semi-permanent metal stud partition consideration needs be given to any electrical or plumbing work that may need to be done during construction.

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