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J.U.S.T Partitioning Birmingham supply and install a stunning range of office partitions, they are the perfect solution to upgrade the look of your office whilst breaking up the space accordingly.

Office Partitioning Birmingham

Office partitioning is an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective way to ensure that the interior of your office space reaches its maximum potential.

The design not only directly affects the working environment but it also impacts on the health and well-being of employees and, in turn, the quality of work.  It is therefore one of the most important business decisions you could made this across year.

Office partitions can give your business the ultimate flexible workspace; moving the office partitions can create different sizes, shapes and new locations of working areas to meet your changing needs.

New Office Furniture

Office partitions are generally associated with individual workspaces and this is one of their key uses.  Providing an employee with a semi-private area means they can customise a personal and welcoming space and still remain part of the wider working teams. New office furniture and workspaces is something your employees will enjoy and therefore increase productivity with obvious benefits to your business.

One of the key issues in open plan office spaces is how to maintain a comfortable temperature and noise level without losing the open, spacious and modern feel of the building. Choosing the right materials and office partition placement can make sure that air flow, temperature and lighting are optimised, that workers feel comfortable and can greatly improve the general aesthetic of the building interior.

Fire Rated Partitions 

Fires are one of the worst things that can happen to a home or office. They represent a serious risk to the safety and lives of employees and do major damage. One way to help prevent the risks related to fires and stop them spreading is through fire rated partitions.

J.U.S.T Partitions are a leader in the fire rated partitions industry with a wide variety for partitioning systems and doors made to stop fires spreading throughout your office. These office partitions are fully glazed to offer privacy and confidentiality, while also offering incredible fire performance for safety and security. 

A Variety of Styles

Our glass partitions can be made single glazed or double glazed and come in a range of sizes and designs providing your business with an almost infinite number of office customisation opportunities even down to the glass manifestations.  Alongside individual workspaces office partitioning allows for the building of team rooms, board rooms, workshop areas and even social areas like staff rooms.

Creative office design is key to the success of modern interior office space utilization and our office partitions can play a key role in helping you create a happy and productive work area for your commercial premises.

Happy Clients

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Our range of office partitioning services in Birmingham are perfect for evolving businesses, they allow you to make better use of your space whether it be in an office, warehouse or any other type of workplace.

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