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Property guarding partitioning is designed to keep property safe and is therefore effective against vandalism, break-in and theft.

Property Guarding Partitions

As well as great security this type of panelling helps to keep the storage area well ventilated, preventing damage to property caused by damp and mould growth.  

The mesh enables a clear view of the goods stored inside so there is no possibility of a hidden fire causing excessive damage before detection. The mesh structure means that discovered fire can be extinguished through the mesh without wasting valuable time trying to gain access to the storage area.

Different environments have differing security needs and this is reflected in the construction of the mesh used in these panels.  When deciding this the key factor is the area in which the partitions are to be installed, the security of the external environment and how many people have access to the area.  

Types of Uses

Lower risk areas include those with a good external security ie, the storage area is within a locked, secure building.  The risk of unwanted entry is low. For example, internal office storage spaces.

Medium risk areas would include large storage areas in apartment buildings, warehouses, etc.where there are larger numbers of people accessing the area and a higher risk of break-ins.

High risk areas are those where there are likely to be valuables stored.  Things like business storage areas, production sectioning and so on, which are likely to be tempting to unwanted entry and theft.  

Property guarding partitioning choices needs to reflect the risk but in each case the construction of the partition will still allow for the users to feel secure when accessing property.  

The mesh enables clear vision to the outside environment and keeps the area light. Additional security measures can be employed within each individual module too, in order to obtain peace of mind for those storing products, inventory,  or personal items in these areas.

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